Teams Issue: Will Sign Out But Won't Let Me Sign In to Different Account

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I'm having an issue with Teams. I was trying to sign in to Teams on a different work computer -- one in one of the conference rooms. I went to Sign Out and Teams went through the process, then closed the program. Seconds later, then program re-opened and THE SAME ACCOUNT WAS SIGNED IN. It didn't give me the option to sign in with a different account, just kept re-signing-in with the other one. I looked in Account Management and tried Googling the solution, but nothing worked. Why does Teams not let you just flat out sign out? Why does it automatically sign the same account back in, second after successfully signing out? What is the point of allowing it to sign out if it's not going to let me choose to enter in my information to sign in? It's insane that I had to call my IT department to fix the problem. This shouldn't be an issue, ever.

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Can you share more info on device is this a windows or mac device?

@paul keijzers It is a Windows device (a laptop).