Teams is worse than a messaging app (AIM) released in 1997

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The core function of any messaging app should be instant messages, you know the main reason we use these apps over email. AOL's AIM released in 1997 did a better job than Teams seems able to do in 2022! 

I really hope the project managers in charge of Teams read this. Stop adding useless new features no one asked for! There is a very serious issue at the core of your app, messages are not sent/received instantly. They are fine on mobile but the desktop app is garbage. I will see messages on my phone and they won't be pushed to the desktop app for hours sometimes. Unless I open the desktop app and click the conversation updates will not show.


How is it that a startup (Slack) can build a better messaging app than a goliath like Microsoft? Please just throw away all the garbage code that makes up the desktop app and start from scratch. 

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This is not the typical experience for our users. Chats and notifications are delivered based on your computer notification settings and the notification settings within the Teams app. There are several items to optimize.

I appreciate your patience while I forward this response to a Teams engineer to help you troubleshoot.

@StaceeFrane please advise what settings should be changed to improve this. This is affecting all colleagues across my team, we have not adjusted our notification settings from default.