Teams is turning down my microphone volume everytime I mute, until no one can hear me on the call.

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When I'm on a Teams meeting, if I use my microphone's physical mute/unmute button, Teams turns down my volume. Every click (every mute/unmute) turns down the volume by about 10, until I'm so low (less than 20) that no one can hear me. I tried plenty of other applications (Zoom, GoToConnect, GoToMeeting, etc.) and only Teams is overriding this setting (despite my audio settings having the "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" DISABLED).


I've also tried playing with the noise cancelling options in Teams but that doesn't affect the behavior and Teams continues to turn my microphone volume down at every mute/unmute. I need a way to turn this setting off, I don't need Teams to tell me what my microphone volume should be set to (clearly that setting isn't working as intended when the microphone volume is being dropped below 20).


I've seen similar forum posts with no solution. Some workarounds mentioned installing an audio freeware application which I'm not allowed to install on my work laptop (and truly shouldn't need to because Teams shouldn't be erroneously overriding my microphone settings).

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It may be possible that your mute button is causing a loud audio click or something that tells Teams that the audio is too loud.

My mute button is working fine. I am using a Skype compatible headset.


@Ed Woodrick 

That is a very likely possibility. I wonder if there is any way to prevent Teams from turning me down. The problem is that it only works one way. It turns me down when it potentially hears the loud click of going on/off mute but then doesn't scale back my audio when I'm speaking.

I turned off Noise Suppression in Teams but it still turns me down. I also tried preventing Teams from having access to controlling my audio device ("Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device") but that also fails.

Looks like I'm facing this issue:

3700 votes and counting with no real solution in sight. If only Teams wasn't trying so hard and just follow what other successful meeting apps are doing. Teams should NOT have the ability to control my microphone volume. I should be able to turn off the automatic sound suppressing so I don't have to constantly turn my volume back up...