Teams is KILLING my Mac Every Day #2

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The original thread from @shilocase has been locked ( so I'm forced to start a new  one. I have the same issue like many others, it has been described over and over again. I'll repost the solution here , kudos go to BenS_848


I'm sitting on a Intel Mac. The solution that helped me is described on page 21 here:


I deleted the this file: 


and now teams is working like a charm. Even my fan is gone and I enjoy the silence. No side effects 


This needs to be done after each update again it seems.


This might even be some hint for the developers that trying to figure out the issue over the last months (years?). So if anyone at Microsoft is listening please be so kind and forward this.


Regards and hope it helps you too.

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@JakobMW as useless Microsoft still didn’t manage to fix the issues I’m going to give it a go tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

@JakobMW I've been experiencing the same for weeks now and doing the steps above did not work for me. 


posted it with more details here but no joy: Microsoft Teams crashing constantly on Mac with M2 Pro - Microsoft Q&A

Unfortunately, many people have the same issue, and so far, no answer from Microsoft.

Completely agree. It runs so bad, it becomes a bit embarrassing. I have to use Teams for work purposes, I am looking to propose a different piece of software to use due to how badly it effects Apple users.

@JakobMW thanks for the temporal fix, I removed that file and now it goes well.