Teams IP Phones and Android Device Administrator need on Intune

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Hey community fellows, 

I wanted to check if anybody else face the same challenge with Teams Android Devices for personal usage in combination with Intune MDM profile for users. We started to face issue on Teams Android IP phones on latest firmware that our users are not able to sign-in and they are looping on screen with the sign-in code. We found out that it is because of missing Android Device Administrator enrollment method in Intune MDM profile. Once we enable this enrollment method for users the sign-in is possible. Audiocodes stated that within latest release of their phone software 1.10 they followed the requirements of Microsoft to meet requirements especially in area of Intune.

As described here the Android Device Administrator enrollment is used and needed for Teams Devices. I see it as highly conflicting with another recommendation and statement of Microsoft in the article about this enrollment method not to use it.

Anybody else facing same challenge adjusting this policy for users just because of Teams phones? Maybe question to Teams devices product team if there is future strategy to move away from ADA to Android Enterprise? Or is it the choice of IP phone vendors?

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Hi @DaveChomi   I hope you get a response from the community.  In the meantime, I will share this discussion with the Devices PM.

@DaveChomi Yes, this has been a common issue for over a year now. You need to enable device administrator in order to get Teams Desk Phones to sign in at all. It's a huge flaw.

Thank you for the response. How do you then deal with configuration of Intune so as the ADA is used only for Teams devices and for mobile phones you use Android Enterprise? Is there some prioritization like if AE is available prefer that one and if not use DA?
I'm so glad you brought this up. I'm experiencing the same issue with a few of my customers and the conflicting information one whether or not to use device administrator (which my customer doesn't want to use). It will be interesting to see what Microsoft suggests.


After discussing this topic with Softies I have confirmation that ADA is for now the only way. "For now" is the important part of that statement. So there are already thoughts to change that but currently nothing on roadmap. That means we have to live with ADA still for some time and there is no other way around :(