Teams iOS app notification issues

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Hello all!

I use the Teams iOS app on my phone for work, and have set quiet days/hours for when I don't want to see notifications.

However, I still receive notifications during those hours/days. I've tried toggling the setting on and off, deleting/reinstalling the app, and resetting my phone, but no dice.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? My phone is an iPhone 8 and I have the latest version of the Teams app installed.


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What is the notification for? Mentions, Chats, Calls, etc. If you see a pattern, maybe we can figure out where to change the setting.

Who is the notification from? I have my notifications set so my students and supervisor can always reach me.

What type of notification is it? i.e. sound or badge.

Where are you editing the notification settings? iOS, desktop, web

@ashleyb_adamsThe setting in the app appears to be for all notifications (sound/badge), no matter who they come from. I'm editing the setting in the app, and there doesn't appear to a "quiet hours" setting on the desktop app I use (also Apple/macOS).

I don't know the answer, but maybe the additional information will help someone find it. Good luck, @Jacob_Graham.