Teams IOS app not adhering to 'Allow IP Video' policy

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Hi there, 
Just wondering if anyone else is able to reproduce this fault, or perhaps it's unique to our configuration.


BACKGROUND: We're a school using Teams for remote learning. Due to privacy policies, we can't allow students to share their camera video in meetings, so we disabled 'Allow IP Video' in a meeting policy, and this is the default policy for all students. During our first round of remote learning (April to June), this was working fine - students were able to view the teacher's camera video, but couldn't share their own.


PROBLEM: We returned to remote learning a couple of weeks ago. There have been no changes to our Teams meeting policies ('Allow IP Video' is still disabled for all students), and most students still can't share their camera video. However, all of a sudden, students using the IOS app can share their camera video.

REPRODUCING THE PROBLEM: I created a test user, and made sure the 'Allow IP Video' was disabled in their meetings policy. I tried:
- Joining a meeting using Chrome - Couldn't share camera video

- Joining a meeting using Android app - Couldn't share camera video

- Joining a meeting using iPad app - Could share camera video. The camera button is disabled in the initial 'Join Meeting' screen, but once I am in the meeting, I can turn my camera on.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, did you ever get this resolved?