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I have noticed in last few days, the call and video button is greyed out in chat window in iOS app. I cannot call the external user from chat window. I will have to click the name and bring up that person's profile to find call button


any idea

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Hello @Jin Chen  This sounds like a question that was addressed last year in our tech support site.  Please review the solutions offered here and let this community know if you don't find an answer.  Video/Phone Button Grayed Out on Group Chat - Microsoft Community

Thank you for your response. I reviewed your response. It is not the same issue. My issue is with my iOS teams app, and it is only happen to my external contacts. There is no issue with contacts in my organization


Okay @Jin Chen   I might suggest, then, that if others in this community don't respond, that you open your own support entry at, where support agents are available to help with further troubleshooting with you until your issue is resolved. 

@ThereseSolimeno we have the same problem in IOS Teams App with external contacts. The WIndows Teams App is OK. With different Account (other Tenanat) the same. It´s look like a Problem with the IOS App....

Same problem here.
Only two of our employees have reported the problem.
It could affect more, but right now, i believe not everybode is affected.


Normal text chat works just fine.

@FullMouth we use an iPhone 12 pro, with current iOS Version

Hi @Jin Chen

We have the same issue. Any solution yet? 

@itsouth @Jin Chen 
I think it's related to the OS version. On 14.6 it's not working, managed to test it on an Iphone with 12.1 and there were no issues.
As workaround, the users can go in the Teams app/calls/make new call and type the persons name. From there you can call and video with external users for which these functions are greyed out in the chat.

I have the same issue. And I am sure it worked some weeks ago. This should be fixed again. Changing iOS to 12.x is not a solution!
thank you very much. This workaround is ok on iphone iOS. But, it does not work on ipad. In ipad, when we type the persons name, the call feature is still not aviable.
Same issue for me on iOS. I have an iPhone 12 Pro. The workaround was good for a while but now even that doesn’t work.
I can call from any other device (for example the ThinkSmart View on my desk to external users) just not on my iPhone. This is a problem in the app. Version 3.10.1 updated 5 days ago from the App Store.
Same here. External users. Chat is OK but Calling is disabled. Works from my laptop, not from my iPhone.
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The issue seems fixed with today’s update

@Jin Chen, I can confirm, latest version (v3.11.0) fixes the issue (tested on iPad and iPhone)