Teams iOS App - Back arrow not functioning

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I have a user that is using the Teams for iOS application. They go to the notes or files section of a team and an intermittent issue occurs.


- They navigate down to a file/note but the back arrow (top left of explorer navigation panel) disappears. The only way they can go back up the navigation or to the top folder is by fully closing the application (double press home and swipe up) and navigating back to where they need to go.


This is completely intermittent and happens even when in stationary use (initial thought was that they were disconnecting from the network thus not allowing the user to go back through navigation due to no connection). I have monitored the device and it has kept a consistent connection but the error happens intermittently.

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Strange did you try to reinstall the app for that user?

@paul keijzers I did yes, it seems to be happening to multiple users as since I have received reports from other staff members.