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How does a user in Teams who schedules a meeting, avoid flooding the outlook email inboxes with invites to the meeting they scheduled? In other words, how do I turn off the meeting invite notification in outlook when I send out a teams meeting invite?

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@JoanGlinn I'm not sure I understand, how would people know about your meeting if you don't send them an invite to the meeting? 

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Hi @JoanGlinn ,


I was thinking the same thing as @Steven Collier . I mean one thing that can be a bit annoying is that if you needed to add additional attendees to the meeting via Teams, when you send the update. It will update everyone. To get around this you can go to the same meeting in your Outlook calendar and then choose the option to only send to the new invitees.


The only other way you could do a notification less method in terms of outlook notification, would be to not specify any attendees and associate with a channel or do a meet now but not sure your wanting that.