Teams integration with Cisco Meeting Server not working, s4b ok.


We have been using s4b online together with Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) on prem for some time. We are able to dial a CMS virtual meeting room from s4b via a federated connection, however when we try to call the same rooms from Teams then the connection fails to complete. We suspect that there are still some issues with Teams Federation and would like to know if there are any specific configuration settings that need to be made for Teams. 

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Currently, to my knowledge Teams only supports federation to Skype Online or other Teams users, your Cisco platform will be representing an on-premises Skype user. This federation is coming soon.


Having said that, Cisco in this case are impersonation a Skype user rather than being a supported client, even when its working it would be up to Cisco to assure the reliability of their service, it's not certified or supported by Microsoft.

Do Microsoft have any plans to make Teams compatible with CISCO systems?  The lack of integration is causing us numerous problems with the release of Teams as we have to keep Skype for Business running for VC and Audio collaboration.  Teams is a dead duck as a client in a Cisco world!  Come on Microsoft we need this sorting out.  I am not buying the argument that we have to use Polycom, Bluejeans or Pexip.  We have huge investments in CISCO and we have to bridge the two environments.  I also understand the Surface Hub 2s only come with Teams, which compounds the issue even more!  We have spoken to Cisco and there appears to be some light on the horizon but Microsoft, while claiming to be open, seem to be doing nothing to help!

@Dave Liddle 
In the old times it was easier to build "bridge" between these two ecosystems as both were using SIP based communication (Cisco Telepresence and S4B) so it was more about where and how the media will get mixed and how to solve the interop talking about screen sharing etc. 
Teams is different in that matter as it does not use the SIP for communication and signalling with other systems. That brings into game mentioned Cloud Interop Teams gateway providers because they got access to APIs.

At the end it is about money and market. All Microsoft partners will be happy to get your huge investments into their solution for Teams room systems instead of Cisco devices.  And as Teams is improving as meeting platform too I do not believe they will open their cloud environment via SIP natively as they would cut three big partners for Teams gateway plus they would not force customers to move away from other platforms like webex, zoom and other. 


@DaveChomi  I agree with your sentiments.  We know Cisco's plans via our account team but I haven't seen any real movement from Microsoft other than to keep the Teams client tightly tethered to their back-end cloud platform.  The CISCO Webex Rooms (aka MX700) devices are still arguably best for the bigger meeting rooms (8+ seats).  We currently use on-prem CMS bridges & Expressway C&E to link in Skype for Business.  Right now we have no option but to stay as is.  Hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel coming soon on this one!

Hi All,
I'm in the same boat having a Cisco infrastructure trying to adopt MS Teams for our conference rooms now. While I have CVI working from Cisco endpoints, I now need to figure out how to provide capability to add CMS for audio conferencing for participants that can't join from their laptops or mobile apps. Any recommendations to make this happen?
Is there intention to join CMS as media server for Teams meeting where media are mixed for Teams meeting? The idea of Teams integration with other conference platforms is in moving the conference to Teams and provide to users way how to join from different platforms.
So for audio conferencing I would recommend Audio Conferencing feature on top of that I would build Direct Routing infra to keep calls internal. Or I would create a special internal number that would be forwarded to CVI SIP address hence the call would join only with audio over the CVI.
I cannot imagine now any integration where Teams mix the sources of audio and video and then would receive just one additional stream from CMS which would mix the media for people joining from Cisco infra. That would make a nice mess only about talking of mute/unmute function on the meeting and seeing CMS as one participant on Teams meeting having multiple people behind probably :)

We went PEXIP CVI for a while which worked great during Covid in 2020 and now we've just switched over the Cisco CVI as we're getting better video quality on our room-based Cisco systems.  For voice integration we moved directly to Teams conferencing and we've also oved many users over to Teams voice.  We've decommissioned CMS.  Right now the Cisco and Microsoft worlds are working well over CVI so long as meetings are all curated through Teams.



@DaveChomi  Just like Dave did, we did the same after evaluating MST Rooms and options.  Just purchased Cisco CVI subscription and we still offer CMS as our audio bridge for those that don't require video for their meetings however still have the option to join via video from room system or WebRTC.  I'm keeping an eye on CMS and EOL/EOS and what Cisco's solution or replacement might be if any (assuming Webex).