Teams inivtations send to shared mailbox

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I have my personal emailadress and i'm also an "user" in a shared mailbox. (send as and read and manage)

Whenever we send an invite now to the personal emailadress it doesn't show up in my email but only in the shared mailbox inbox? Does anyone know a solution for this?

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Seems to be the issue with the GAL or Distribution Group for the user who is scheduling the meeting.

1. Can you check if you can have multiple different users schedule the meeting and you still don't receive the meeting invite.
2. Additionally is the situation that when the meeting invite is sent to the shared mailbox only then you are not getting the meeting invite?
3. If a user send a one to one meeting invite to your personal email address do you get the invite.

Seems to be a Mailflow rules configured on the Outlook Account issue causing the meeting invite to go to a specific folder/file. Can you check if there is any rules configured on the Outlook account?

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The thing is we don't send invites to the shared mailbox. So we send them to a personal mailbox but members who are in the group of the shared mailbox don't get any personal invite anymore as they all come in the shared mailbox. We work with multiple users and shared mailboxes and only one of the shared mailbox does this.