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Hi All,


I am looking for native Teams possibilities to enforce rule based on conditions Teams users. Conditions are based on domain what features are allowed for Teams users.


Ex: Both  user A & B are internal users. They are initiating Teams external meetings for various domains. 


 I want to make sure, user A must only allow to communicate with specific set of domains and block sending meeting invites other domains. Same apply to user B as well. 


Note: Teams only supports for External access allowed domains and blocked domains only. If i would allow only specific domains both user A & B can send meeting invites to all allowed domains. But this doesn't meet the requirement. 


Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.





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Hi @Sankaperera,

unfortunately, information barrier groups cannot be created across tenants.

For external access with other Microsoft 365 organizations, you can allow all domains (the default) or you can restrict external access by allowing or blocking specific domains, by blocking all domains (which turns external access off) or by limiting which users can use external access.

Use guest access and external access to collaborate with people outside your organization - Microsof...

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