Teams - inbound call is dropped as soon as I answer

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Anytime I receive an inbound call on desktop version of Teams, when I answer either audio or video, the call is almost immediately dropped. The person calling says they can very briefly hear some audio then the call drops. On my screen, the message says 'person xx' leaving. Calling that person back is not an issue.


Answering on mobile iOS app is ok.


What I've tried:

uninstall/reinstall, ccleaner, cleared the cache in the appdata folder, fused the 'wide' uninstaller for teams, cleared the registry, deleted the folder in the teams appdata... nothing works. I've tried a backup laptop and signed in with the same account - same thing happens. This tells me it's an account issue but I cannot see any setting that would cause this. 
I carried out a test call with a colleague today. There is an excerpt of the log of the time range this call took place attached. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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Typical... been troubleshooting nearly two days and now that I post I find that there is clearly an issue waiting a hotfix.

thread here 

At least it wasn't me :)


Having the same issue for one of my co workers, the only one experiencing this too.

I have tried everything. It was all working well last week.

Please MS see log

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Hey @Grissus  my issue was fixed when the Teams app was updated. The info is in the thread linked in my previous response.


In the unlikely event that your end user has not updated their app in a long time, try that as that was the fix a few months ago. If the app is already up to date, I'm afraid I have no answer for you.