Teams in Microsoft Store but Windows 10S or S-mode only

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Microsoft Teams in Microsoft Store but Windows 10S S-mode seems a very small public preview! :(
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Yup, it's a preview of what will come for normal Windows 10 later. Windows 10S users cant run the current Teams desktop app so are getting this functionality as an early preview.


As in both cases these apps wrap the web functionality either in Edge or Chrome they are largely alike.

I get that. I just can’t wait to get rid of the ‘classic’ app :)
agree, the web app works so much better for me, when you have good internet it's solid. Maybe desktop classic caching is fine for slower connectivity but man, it just slows down for me. Hoping we get full fidelity client in windows 10, I really like Slack's Windows 10 client as well as Spotify they work flawlessly, clean and perform well.

Effective May 20, 2018, the Windows Phone apps for Microsoft Teams will be retired and will no longer be available for download from the Windows Phone Store. While Microsoft continues to support Windows 10 Mobile, we aren't focused on building new features for it. Microsoft will continue to work on Microsoft Teams mobile for iOS and Android, as well as desktop applications for Windows and Mac. Moving forward, the recommended alternative for Windows Phone users for Microsoft Teams is access via a browser.

Thanks @Mitul Sinha. This thread is not about Windows Phone. I realise that mobile Teams app will be deprecated on the 20th. This thread is about the newly announced Store app for the Windows 10 desktop.
Apologies! My context was different though!

I am able to install the app both on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 S (Windows 10 Pro in S mode).

But I get this error when I sign in to the app.



Me too. Is there anything we need to configure/enable/enroll to use the Store App?

Same. @John Wynne is there anything we need to do as admins to enable this for use?

Nothing can be done as admins, it's wait till they publish a Non Windows 10S version, or buy a windows 10S device :P.
@Deleted As @Deleted said! :grinning_face:

It doesn't work for me even on Windows 10 S.

Playing with the Surface Go today - I definitely had it working on Win 10 Home in S mode, but now that I upgraded to Win 10 pro (resulting in Win 10 Pro in S mode), the launches and gives me the "looks like you don't have access" error (NAV0005).

I have Window 10 Pro. I was able to gain access by going to the start menu, click on "My Office." Teams was listed but not yet installed so I installed it and now I have full access on both web and desktop to Microsoft Teams. Hope this helps!

That sounds like a custom company store and they probably published the actual desktop client of Teams not the Windows 10 app which still only works for S version.

Terrible that you are foisting webapps (Electron or PWA) on Windows users when you have real native apps for Android and iOS.

Actually, I wouldn't mind a PWA-only app environment. Apps are so yesterday and limit me to certain platforms or devices. I prefer a slick, responsive and well designed PWA anytime. In fact, a lot of apps are just web apps anyways, micro-web sites wrapped in an app... just a matter or time before we get rid of the wrappers...

If you prefer the webapp experience to normal apps you can actually adjust your PC to create the same experience. Just remove 3/4 of your RAM and underclock your CPU to 1/4 of the speed.
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@John Wynne S-Mode users can now download, install and run the desktop client from