Teams IM to Skype for Business


How can I configure the Administrative Portal to get a Teams Chat/IM client get to a Skype for Business client?

I have a test group that cannot send IM messages to Skype for Business.

I am currently setup in Islands Mode.


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If they are in islands mode all teams messages will go to the recipient Teams client ( except from external user chat ) set the users using Skype to Skype only coexistence mode! This will be done in teams admin portal - users - select the user and from here you can set the mode to Skype only! Otherwise the sender needs to use Skype to send them messages in Skype
Not sure I understand your Statement.
If I go into the Microsoft Teams admin center then select Users, then select a random user, the Account hi-lighted the Topic "Teams upgrade" shows Coexistence mode as "Use Org-wide settings".
What should it be set to? (Since the Org wide setting is Islands).
Yeah, now by default everyone is set to islands, but if you want a user or a set of users to only receive all messages in Skype you set them as Skype Only here!
Same thing for Teams Only!
Also be aware of that this change can take some time to propagate
With my settings being Org Wide to Islands mode and the user to the same, Should a Teams client have the ability to IM a Skype for Business client (All Internal and Cloud Only)?
No! Islands means just that! Teams go to teams and Skype goes to Skype!
For being able to one user to message from teams to a Skype client, that recipient must be set to Skype only
It's all based on the recipient. If they are Islands then Teams messages goes to their Teams. If they are Teams Only, obviously comes to Teams. If they are one of the Skype Modes then they will get the message in Skype.

Check out this Video. It's very good explaining it. The whole series is great for Migration.

Just keep in mind switching modes can take days to take hold for endpoints to update on clients. Microsoft is working on 24 hour tops turn around, but don't think that has been deployed yet.

@David Kampif you are using Island Mode a chat initiated in Teams will land in Team and a chat initiated in SFB will land in SFB. 


If you want a Teams Chat to Land on to sfb, you need to ensure that the SFB users TeamsUpgradePolicy is set to  SfBOnly or SfBOnlyWithNotify. 


Through the portal you can only configure Org wide settings. To configure for individual users you will have to do it via powershell

its simple... 


Down load Skype for Business  PS   -


In Powershell  create a connection


Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector
$userCredential = Get-Credential
$sfbSession = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $userCredential
Import-PSSession $sfbSession


Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -Identity -PolicyName SfBOnlyWithNotify



@Maruthi Gadde  This sounds like a lot of administration to perform.

It sounds like if I want to slowly roll our users to Teams I must Manually touch each of our accounts two times. Once so that migrated Teams Clients can continue IM'ing with SFB and again after they are put onto Teams to put them in Teams mode. We have almost 4000 accounts.

It would appear our Clients will need to Keep both applications open during a transition period.

I’d suggest you have some powershell scripts at hand to perform this then

@David Kamp Have you considered changing your org-wide setting to Skype for Business? That way, you only need to touch each account once to move it to Teams Only mode. If you do this, users wouldn't have to keep both applications open (indeed, they would only be able to sign in to Skype for Business or Teams, depending on whether they were in SfB or Teams mode). If you have any users who specifically need to be able to be signed in to both applications at once, you could put them into Islands mode individually.

Some good advice right there

If I put the Org-Wide setting to SFb then an IM from Teams to Sfb would work?

and an IM from Sfb to Teams would also work.

Assuming the End user only logs into their client of choice (which hopefully would be Teams).

And after getting everyone On Teams make the Org-wide setting Teams Only mode.

Does this sound like it would work or am I missing a potential step? 

You need to understand that setting org to Skype only, users can’t use teams to chat 1:1! If most users only should use Skype set the org to Skype then set the users using teams only - to teams only! If they should be using both - set those users to islands
No, you can't give users the choice, that's what islands is for, but your users have to use both clients, they can't use one or the other. There is no way for them to just decide one day to use teams and send it to the client of choice, they don't move with what the user is using.

You have to make the choice one way or the other, or they can use both at same time, but they have to run both at the same time as skype chats go skype, and teams to teams.

You can't achieve what you are wanting per your last response.