Teams has not blur background while Skype has

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Recently Skype on my box with AMD FX-8350 received an ability to blur background (previously this cpu was not supported). Teams still does not have this option. Do we have any chance to have blur in Teams as well?

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Hi @zhouck 


Microsoft Teams has already enabled the feature to Blur the Background for Video. This feature has been launched last year itself. Now we are in a stage wherein we can customized the background also with Microsoft Teams. Can you please check in case you are on the latest version of Microsoft Teams Application. 


Here is the Supported Article 

Blur Background in Microsoft Teams


Customized Background Image in Microsoft Teams


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One requirement to get Background Blur (and background images) in Microsoft Teams is that you have a CPU with AVX2. As I understand it your CPU only have AVX so then these feature will not work. 


But since you wrote that you can use it in Skype (Skype Consumer I assume) now, it might come to Teams for AVX too but I doubt it. That CPU is old and AVX is replaced by AVX2 since 2013, so older processors than that can probably not expect to get blur functions.


@Linus CansbyInterestingly, MS launched background replacement on Skype but not on Teams on my FX-8350. Looks like Skype/Teams teams use own solutions for blur/background.