Teams guest invitation problem

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Hi. One of my customers moved to a new Microsoft 365 tenant, but kept the same domain name as on the old tenant. He used to be added as a gust to another company's team and a new invitation was sent after the move to a new tenant. He can see the new company in the list in Teams, but can't log on. Also I can't remove him from the connection because Azure says he is not a guest member of that organization. The problem is that when he is invited he is not getting the option when he first tries to log on to accept the security conditions. When he receives other invitations from other companies it works like normal.
Seems like it is a problem with the invite, maybe because the same domain was used in the other tanant before?

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Hi, not sure I fully understand the scenario but the user should start by trying to leave that org. himself and after that be re-invited. If not able to do that the org. where he is a guest should delete his guest account in AAD (remove) and also permanently delete (from the bin). After waiting 24 hours the org. can re-invite directly from AAD, waiting for the user to accept the invite and then add him to the team from within the team.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks. He can't leave the org, because he's not a member, but still this org is showing in teams. So we will try to remove him and wait over 24 hours.