Teams Guest Drop Down Missing in App

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I was invited to a Microsoft team as a guest and am able to open the invite with the email that was sent. When I open the invite using the app my Teams does not open up the Team. When I select open in web I am brought to the Team and am shown a drop down to switch back to my tenant. This drop down is then gone once I'm back inside of my tenant (on web). When I am using the Teams App I'm not able to even open the guest Team, nor am I able to see the drop down to switch between the guest account and my tenant. 

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I am having the same issue with Microsoft Teams, I can join the Microsoft Team as a guest through the link they shared with me through the web version, but I am unable to see it in the desktop App.

Also, if I am in the team as a guest through the web version, and I change the team to my own office's Microsoft Team, the option to change back to the guest account disappears.

Is there some setting to make this guest account visible on the desktop app?

@Nick_Peterson I'm having the same problem

@Nick_Peterson same issue here. Have you found or heard any resolution on this yet? I have scoured Google and my local team with no luck. 

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My team leader removed me and re-invited me to the team while my account was logged on the desktop software.
And the issue was fixed.

same problem here, I need to logout and login via email invitation to desktop application, to see "tennants dropdown" again. Then anytime I switch to other tennant using the dropdown (the other tennant is my default), it disapperars and I am not able to switch again.

Anyone solved this without making it the clients problem? I've got this issue with three different clients.


Four are fine, three are borked.

Hi kieronlanning,

I have not solved this without making it a client issue yet. I would like to know if there is a solution however!

Until then, I am performing these steps:

1. Invite guest from another tenant
2. Guest accepts invitation
3. Guest has 2+ tenants in the Tenant dropdown of Teams (top right)
4. Guest does not see my tenant show up in their Teams.

Permanent fix (client's problem), Ask the client to:
1. Close teams
2. Start>run> %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams > Clear all data in this folder
3. Re-open teams, and see if the Tenant (Guest) appears.

If anyone knows a solution without involving the client, please chime in!