Teams Guest Access guest disabled

Is there any way to get a guest access to Teams if their company uses Office 365 but has Teams disabled? We have a few partners who don’t want Teams turned on internally but would allow their users to be guests in our Teams. They don’t want to enable Teams for their company so hoping there’s a way outside of that? Thanks for any help! This would make a huge impact for our adoption
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They could enable Teams but only assign licesenses to a few people


One option could be to license everyone for Teams, but restrict creation.  This would allow users to access Teams created internally by administrators, or be guests of Teams in other tenants but not allow anyone to create an internal Team.


I am in the same situation.
I work for a think tank that creates collaborative teams of more than hundreds of external organizations.
some of them already use teams, for other teams is not activated. It is not possible to ask all to activate Teams since they are masters of their information system policy.
In those that have not activated Teams users who respond to our invitation to join our teams receive the message 'You are going to miss something. ask your administrator to enable Microsoft Teams for <their domain> '.

How to get around this?  Thank you for your answers.