Teams groups disappearing in outlook

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In outlook when i join a certain (public) group, it briefly appears under the groups dropdown in my account on the left, and i can click on it and it loads messages, but then it will randomly remove itself from that list.  Sometimes it will do it when i am in that group box, other times it doesnt disappear unless i click out of it to a different group. 


I have tried removing myself from the group, and then re-adding myself from the O365 admin panel, but it still doesnt seem to work.  And i am set as one of the owners of the group, instead of a member.


This is also happening to another of the members as well.

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IIRC, Group inboxes are supposed to be hidden and disabled if the M365 group was made in Teams.

Article with more info on that:

When I try to access the group calendar from SharePoint (by clicking "Conversations" from the site navigation), it will sometimes briefly show the group and then immediately hide it again. It's weird but it happens.

Basically, if you want a group inbox then you will need to make a new M365 group from Outlook, SharePoint or Planner. Otherwise, Teams is your communication center.
The only problem with that, is I have 5 other groups that were created the same way, and they show up without any issue.