teams group meeting not calling all members in the team.

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Hi. we have some users whom doesn't get called up or can be called from the team admin
but when adding these people to a stand alone group it works. 

so say we have 25 people total in the team, and all should have a meeting. only 20 of them gets called up and the same 5 are exluded for some reason. 

anyone encountered this issue with teams? 
as far as i know it's not the amount of people in the team, as it should be able to hold way more than we are atm .

any hint would be much appreciated.

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When you call in a Team do you start a meeting in a channel then? It should not call them, just notify that there is an ongoing meeting in the channel that they can join.


If you create a Group Chat (in the Chat app from the left menu) with more than 20 participants audio/video calling should not be available.

If you have more than 20 people in a chat, the following chat features are turned off: Outlook automatic replies and Teams status messages; typing indicator; video and audio calling; sharing; read receipts.

Can I just add to this that I have recently been told of an issue with Meet. We've traditionally used 'Meet' for ad hoc meetings - the organiser goes in, clicks Meet and then calls up whoever they want to include from within that Team - now when you click Meet, it automatically calls everyone in the Team. This definitely hasn't worked like this before, has a setting changed or have we missed some exception in the setup? Sorry to jump in on the original query but it sounds like the same thing.