Teams group dissapears after creating/deleting a channel

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The issue appeared immediatly after creating the group. A new group has been created and whenever someone creates or deletes a channel within the group, the whole group dissapears. A work around is to close Teams and open it again. The group with the created channel appears in the list. This happens to all users, so it dissapears for everyone and they all have to close and open Teams again to see the group.

Is there anyone who knows where I should look for a solution? I really can't find anything on the internet. The discussions that are there are all about channels getting deleted after quite some time. 


Hopefully, I explained the situation pretty clearly. If not; feel free to ask questions. 

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If you can reliably reproduce this behavior, best open a support case.

@Vasil Michev Yeah, I was planning on that. But it seemed really hard to open one. Or I was looking in all the wrong places