Teams, granular security, and team templates

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Hello all,


I have several customers that ask me if its possible to restrict access to a channel within a team. As far as we all know today access to a team grants full write access to all content (channels, files, plans, tabs, notes etc) within a team. This works well in many use cases, but sometimes its not as granular as customers would want.


Does anyone know if Microsoft is planning to ever change this underlying restriction (comes as far as I know from the Sharepoint basics)? 


Secondly I cannot find a way to create a team template including the actual content in for ex channels / files. Is this ever going to be developed, so that teams for ex projects can start incl content such as files?





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Hi just publish a blog post about this feature yesterday actually
As said in it, MS has confirmed working on this ! No information is currently available about progress or even how it might work!

Also regarding templates, a better template functionality is in the works! Right now the Microsoft Graph and flow can be used to automate tasks such as creation of teams, tabs, channels etc!
This API for teams isn’t fully developed yet and will improve also!

Regarding granular permissions in channels, that is the number one uservoice request to date. I would recommend adding feedback and voting up the item on UV. Updates are posted there as Microsoft makes progress.