Teams get link function only shows sharepoint link

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Team owner A suddenly can't create Teams Link to a pdf, only Sharepoint Link. Owner B can, so can members. Why does this happen?


  • IT administration did not change any sharing options
  • Troubleshooting Client
  • Same problem appears in webapp
  • reinstalled App, emptied all Teams App caches, Internet Explorer Caches


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It looks like the same that is happening here

I could only reproduce that when the user is a guest, but not with a tenant user
Hi Andres, well thank you for your input - I also found about 5 to 6 Threads in my google search that have the same problem - however none of the threads had a solution, we openend a ticket this morning at MS.
I am starting to reproduce this in some of the tenants I have access

I can't still find the pattern, but I'll keep testing

So far I could verify that if you get this tip while hovering the mouse pointer on "Copy link", you will receive the SharePoint share file dialog only,Screenshot 2021-12-02 075954.png

Same problem - Copy Link no longer generates a Teams link, only a Sharepoint link. Any resolution to return the ability to generate a Teams link?
the same here
well that is an even more weird behaviour - can't even think of a reason why this would behave like that - appearently I am not alone with the problem - MS Support promised an Answer within 2h40min - till today no answer. (we are EA Customers)
Digging with developer tools in Teams web, I could see that the url for "Copy Link" is different (hence, the tooltip)
I still do not know why, I could guess it is not correctly identifying the user as a non-guest?
Will keep digging, let us know the outcome of the ticket.
Thx, they are working on it - just got the first proper reply.
This problem started happening for us too, yesterday (Dec 2).
alright, so I have a feeling this concerns a lot of tenants and might really be a technical error. I am somehow glad about all your infos - I will keep you guys updated - ticket is in progress...

I got a chat via Teams from a colleague who is having this exact issue.

"I" am on Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 11/30/2021.

and when I go to add things, I can go to the teams desktop app and click on files and then the file / folder and click copy link and then I get teams / sharepoint options.
They are on an older version.  I asked him to click on check update.  He quits Teams nightly so it should be updating his system.  I asked him to do a "check update" and his version is a few weeks old I THINK.  I am asking him to reply to me.
But this this what he see's.

MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png



I had him go to and try to do the same thing.  He has the same results, it wants to click on COPY instead of Teams / SharePoint option.

I think what's happening is that Microsoft is rolling out the common file sharing experience we have across Microsoft 365 also for sharing files in a Team, so nothing wrong in my opinion just the expected update that is finallly coming there
Does that mean no more Teams-based link?
well, support is a bit slow, still didn't receive a proper answer for this problem - however is this is true, it will complicate the work experience, since people in our tenant like to stay in teams and not click on sharefile links that open up somewhere else...
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Opened a ticket today and this is what I've got as an answer:

A new Graphical User Interface is being implemented in stages. In a Teams Channel, the ability to choose between a Microsoft Teams and a SharePoint link for a file/folder has been deprecated. Selecting "copy link" for a file/folder in the Channel files tab will only result in a SharePoint link. All users will have access to this capability, and users will not receive a Teams link for a file/folder. This one has been deprecated and will be replaced soon for all users. This is the most recent one, which all users will eventually get owing to the new GUI functionality. As a result, those affected have the new GUI, while those who have the old one will shortly have it altered.

Had a call afterwards and they encouraged me to provide feedback here
I can't see a post about it, but will make one in the coming hours if nobody has beaten me to it.
This update just started rolling this week through our tenant and its causing some issues with people trying to keep the user experience inside of MS teams. Now they can only link to files/folders in SP Online which doesn't land them in teams where they can see the chats and conversation threads for context for the files. Hopefully this is something they will be fixing soon. We had quite a few people using this feature.

I started a post on the feedback portal


I encourage everyone who has problems with this to vote on it and leave a comment with their thoughts and experience


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