Teams Frozen but still responding

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Hey guys, so I have been trying to troubleshoot a colleagues PC running teams.
The issue is weird to say the least, the UI freezes / gets stuck but all indicators shows the application as still running, when I check the task manager it still runs as normal, no extra use, and not less. Sounds are still fine but UI is stuck.

We have tried reinstalling the application and cleared the cache but the issue persists.

Can someone help out?

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Hi Jake, Is this a laptop or a desktop please? If a laptop, is the performance issue consistent over various internet connections?

Secondly, is this a Windows device, and is the device fully up to date with the latest patches and updates please?

Finally, does the user experience any performance issues if they use teams from the browser instead of the app?

Hey Peter thanks for answering, and i am sorry for missing out on those crucial pieces of info!

Its a laptop running the latest version on Windows 10 Enterprise (We have about 30 more of the same laptop without issues)

And it is happening whether he is at work or his home internet

I havent hadhim use the browser version as we widely just use the app everyday for teams meetings on all of our laptops