Teams free version - Call and video buttons both greyed out

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I've signed into Teams with my account (free personal Microsoft account), so expected to gain the features advertised as the free edition of Teams as I have no Microsoft 365 subscription. However when I look up friends and family, even when they're online and show with a green status, I'm unable to call them, as the options are greyed out:

Screenshot here

I've tried this from the web browser version as well as the installed app. Am I incorrect in assuming that I should be able to call friends and family on free Teams? If not, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix my account please?


For clarity, if I click the Meet option, I can join a meeting with no issues.

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No problem here. And yes you can either start a video call or chat using Teams for personal use assuming they also are using a personal account. However, if they are using organizational accounts that org. could possibly have turned that feature off.
Thank you so much That is great
@ChristianJBergstrom Thank you, that sounds good news.

Checking with my brother (he owns his domain), his domain has my personal email address setup as a Guest User. Teams Admin Center has Guest access --> Make private calls = On. I'm assuming Guest access overrules External Access rules (as is not a listed domain for them and they don't want to add it to avoid spam). Are there any other settings that could be causing this block?
If you're using guest access and your brother has an organizational account you need to be invited to a team in his organization and then switch to that tenant from the top right corner in Teams. You cannot start a video call using Teams for personal use with an org. account.