Teams free: Not eligible for this product

Brad Burleson
New Contributor

When attempting to sign up for Microsoft Teams free I am receiving the following message:

Your organization is not eligible for this product

Your organization does not meet the requirements for this product.


To my knowledge, my company doesn't have O365. When I use live help I am told you must have an Office 365 account in order to use Teams but this doesn't seem to match up with what I've read. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Yes, your account most likely is tied to office 365 in some way or shape. Your company might go through another company that is hosting your e-mail on 365 or through azure AD somehow so it's picking up as a business account. Hard to tell, you can login through this to see the org's your tied too: https://myapps.microsoft.com/

If you click your name after logging in and you will see the orgs in the drop down. If so then you're part of Azure AD somehow with that account and if that is the case then you'll have to go about getting a Free Teams 1 Year Trial for your tenant etc. instead of the free version of Teams. 

*****.com isn't in our system. Make sure you typed your email address correctly. It usually looks like someone@example.com or someone@example.onmicrosoft.com

This is what I get when I try to log into O365 admin center. Wouldn't that indicate my domain does not have an organizational account?

Usually, what I've seen thou is if you're account is a guest account on someone else tenant it can cause problems with Teams too. Also I want to say you can't use custom domains to sign up for free Teams because that would cause an issue should you need or ever go to office 365, I'm not 100% sure on that thou, If i can find it I'll circle back, but maybe someone else will catch this thread that knows.
Your account is tied to a Microsoft account right? Should be able to login to Outlook.com with it or onedrive.live.com etc. if so.

Yes. I set up a microsoft account in order to sign up for the teams service. Prior to that, my email address had not been used for an account.

Hi Brad, if you can send a private message to me with your domain, I can check the situation you are in.

To sign-up for a Teams Free org, you can enter either a consumer account (outlook.com, gmail.com etc), or a company domain that has not been connected to Microsoft earlier. There are some cases, where your domain was used to sign up for ex Power BI, which has created that connection. 


Note that the restriction is applied for the owner of the org (the person who signs up). You can invite any email address to a Teams Free org, incl users with O365 subscriptions.



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