TEAMS FREE - Missing Calendar for some users:

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Good afternoon,
Our organization is using Microsoft TEAMS Free.
We don't have Office 365 or Exchange OnPremisses, so we don't have email integration and the accounts were created as

Some users have the calendar icon and are able to schedule meetings (of course we didn't receive the link by email and we need to do this manually by copying the meeting link and sending it to the recipient via our email service), but other users do not have the calendar icon and are only able to create meetings using the "Meet Now" button. We don't understand the reason for the difference... someone know if there is any permissions that we should assign via Azure Active Directory or the TEAMS Admin Panel for these users?

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To start with, you don't have to change anything in AAD and there's no TAC (Teams Admin Center) when using Teams free. With that said I can't say why some of your users don't see the calendar icon in the left navigation field. The "Meet now" and "Scheduled meeting" buttons are always in the top right corner when selecting the calendar icon. I would probably start with a simple comparison, i.e. are there any differences from a user that has the icon with a user that doesn't. Also, sign out manually from Teams, verify if it's the same appearance using Teams on the web, perhaps a reinstall/clear cache of the desktop app and possibly check for updates too.