Teams (free) / Get email address suddenly missing / Bug ?!

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Hello everybody,

we created about 7 teams in our free team version. If we click on the three dots there (More options), we have, among other things. also the item "Get email address". There are a total of 6 points.


Now we have created a new team and the point is missing there. There are only the following 4 points: channel notifications, pinning, managing the channel and receiving a link to the channel - nothing more.


Is this a bug?


Many thanks in advance!


Best regards


Free Burma



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Hi @Free-Burma ,


Checked my Free Version account and I too see the reduced menu. So part of me wants to say that it is intentional but only Microsoft could comment on that, so I would raise a support incident with them to find out for sure.


I do know that in the paid for version these are things that can be turned off but this is not something you would be able to control for the free version as there is no concept of an Admin Centre.





Hi Henry,

thanks alot for your answer. Maybe, it's a good idea, to open a support call at microsoft.

Please tell me the best way, to contact MS?!

Best regards


Hi @Free-Burma,


As it is the free version I would be inclined to do the following:


Now you will have to have your wits about you as probably a lot of the process will point you in the direction of the sort of place where you are now. But we basically need to just get a definitive answer from them as to whether something is just because it is the Free version or it is a bug. I personally think it is just a limitation but I cannot categorically say that. So just take your time and try and get to the option that will at minimum allow you to have a chat interaction with a human on the other side.