Teams forgets my choice of listening device

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Hi All,


Microsoft Teams Version (64 bit)

Windows 10 Enterprise (64 bit) (OS build 19041.388)


I used to use headphones with Teams.  I now use a webcam and the microphone on it, and the monitor speaker to listen.

Every day after starting I have to change the listening device to the monitor because it starts using 'Speakers' (which were my headphones before).

I have changed my default device in Windows 10 to also be the monitor.  Still, every time I start, Teams has switched back to using the headphones (which are not connected), so I have to change it again.

I'd like it to remember that I selected the monitor audio as output and that I didn't have to change it each time I start.

Is there a way to do that?






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@RoyStoliday  I did had the issue with one of my users but upon digging some more I find out the users were changing it on each call and also had it on the windows as default but the quick fix is to select/change your preferred devices by going on Teams setting on click on your Profile pic > Settings > devices setting and select your preferred Audio Devices; Speaker, Microsoft, and even the Camera if you got many...


Make sure you have done these settings and provide your feedback if you have already done so maybe you are disconnecting or connecting those devices that will also go to the second device if that device is not always connected.

@PDostiyar Thanks for responding.  Yes I'd already set the devices that way thanks, but found the Teams would swap them back if I signed out.  On one occasion it even changed it back as I was looking at the setting!

I've managed to get around the problem now but it's something of a workaround really.

I've disabled every other output device in the hardware settings.  This gives Teams no choice but to use the only one remaining which is the monitor.

It's not ideal but works for my situation.

@RoyStoliday  Well at least that workaround is good for you rightnow - but i am not sure why this option doesn't work well for you maybe removing your team clients and reinstall fresh could have some difference....

@PDostiyar I don't think i've got the necessary permission to do that in my workplace, but I can suggest it to our I.T. team.

I've tried emptying this folder.  It often helps to do this with Teams issues.


Unfortunately it didn't seem to help this time.

Thanks for your suggestions.

@RoyStoliday  you are most welcome, lets see hopefully after the fresh install it will resolve your issues.

I have a similar issue with Teams forgetting my default webcam...usually happens after a system restart but not logout/login.  

I have a similar issue when I move my computer from work to home. I have a separate mic and speakers. I have to reset the Microphone every time I change locations. This started happening about a month ago after a Windows update. I ended up buying a 3.5mm/USB converter for the speakers. That fixed the speaker issue, but now I still have the mic issues, only with Teams.