Teams for Personal life login issue

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I received an invite in July to test "Teams for personal life". This is available on mobile devices only at the moment. So, I installed the teams app on my Android device from the Google Playstore and tried to login with my private Microsoft account (with active Microsoft 365 family subscription).

I couldn't access an org, though. I found out that I had to delete my "Teams free" organization I had set up a few months prior. I followed the guide and deleted that org (I still have the confirmation email).

After logging in to "Teams" again on my phone I saw a new org called "Personal". I just can't access it. Error messages range from "Unable to switch orgs" to "Network problems" to "Access denied". It varies...

Please advise what I need to do to test "Teams for personal life".

Thank you.


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@PapaKnork Sorry I don't know how to fix, but you should be able to be part of Teams free and other tenants as a guest while also having a Personal Teams for Life account, certainly I can.

@Steven Collier I can join other orgs, yes, that is not the issue. I'd like to create my family org, though. But it seems that isn't possible anymore via "Teams free", either. I just tried: after signing up/logging in I'm presented with the choice of "Teams" for "School", "Friends and family" and "Work". When I choose "For friends and family" I'm redirected to Skype. I can sign up for "School" or "Work" only. Since I deleted my "Teams free" tennant, it seems I can't use "Teams" at all at the moment (other than my work account)... And since there is no phone support for the personal "Teams" product I have to rely on getting an answer here.

Will see if there's gonna be a solution...

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I've had the exact same login issue over the last two days. Same setup, Android device, M365 family subscription, same error messages (unable to switch orgs, access denied, contact your admin) etc. However, I did not receive an invitation to test anything nor did I test "Teams for personal life" on my own before.

Anyway, I just managed to login on my Android device. All I did was adding my personal phone number to my Microsoft account (at and logging in again via the Teams app for Android...and voila, suddenly it worked.

I don't know if this will help you, but I came across your question during my research and thought I'd share my findings here. Hope it might help you.

Hey@kstefan ,


thanks for the tip - it worked. It doesn't really make sense, since the phone number is just another login alias, but I guess since it is in the form of a phone number the verification process is skipped and I get directly to my org.


Thanks again.