Teams for Mac - Account selector to show more than two acccounts

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A user i'm helping is employed  by and needs to switch between 3 organizations in Microsoft Teams. She is using the Teams app for Mac.


When signing out of Teams she can only pick between the first two accounts used. The third account (tenant) will not show up in the account selection list. You would expect to be able to manage this list, or that it would atleast show the most recently used accounts. 


As it is now she has to manually type in the third account email+password+MFA each time. 


Is there a way to reset this list or make it show more than 2 accounts?




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Hello @Edvard Wikström  There is a prior post in this community that suggests opening a web browser separately to access separate accounts - see best response. Microsoft Teams switching between organizations - Microsoft Tech Community

@Therese_Solimeno is there any updates regarding this multi accounts feature on Mac?

Thanks for your help !