Teams for Linux: Cannot join meeting.

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I don't know if this is a bug or if it is something I am doing wrong from my end. I am on a Linux computer, running Teams for Linux (64-bit). So, my problem:


Whenever I click a meeting link, it opens a new tab in Google Chrome. On that tab are 3 buttons: Join on the web, Open the Linux app, and Download the Linux app. It also opens a pop up asking if I want to open Xdg-Open. If I click OK, it opens the teams app, but doesn't join the meeting. If I click download, it takes me to the download page (as expected). And clicking Join in the Web asks me to sign in, and then it redirects to an error page saying "Application timed out. Refresh the page to retry.' Clicking refresh takes you right back to the error page. I solved that problem by making chrome allow cookies to track me across the web. In the web lets me join the meeting, but the web interface has far fewer functions than the Linux app. So, could you please fix this bug and let fellow Linux users join on the desktop app. Thanks!

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I've got same problems. Clicking the link won't open the meetings in the app. Only if the link is found in teams, it works. However, I can open meetings in browser. Problem started 1-2 weeks ago. I'm using ubuntu lts and Teams preview.
I do have the same problem. I've already reported it on Older versions before 1.4 did not have this problem.