Teams for collaborating across institutions

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Our organization ( healthcare) has implemented MS teams and Office 365 fully. 

I am part of a group of educators from various institutions ( some also have Teams and some do not) and we would like to collaborate using Teams. The requirements being, the ability to communicate as well as have a site to share files and work together in various sub-committees.

Is this possible with Teams? Would we( those of us already using teams for work) have to create a separate account and switch back and forth between the org account and the account for this collaboration?

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I would say you are correct with the switching of Orgs, but only if the ultimate Team that is used is homed elsewhere.

So Guest access shouldn't require one person to have more than one account. I could imagine people doing this if they're current Teams implementation was too restrictive but if that happens then all is lost from an Orgs governance perspective.

So presuming you keep the one account and Guest access is permitted on a Team. You would invite the Guest in, they would accept an invitation and then show up as a Guest user in your Orgs Azure AD.

The Guest should then be able to select your Org as an option to launch Teams into.

So in the above instance, you would not have to do any switching only the Guest. It could of course be the other way round.

Not sure it will suit your needs but also if allowed using Chat in Teams can be a good way to collaborate with 1:1 or groups without the need to switch Orgs. So files would still be possible but handled by OneDrive for Business instead of SharePoint.