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We have a project team on our company teams client . We have a folder which we can all see on sharepoint and in our one drive sync folder but it will not show up on teams. This folder was in the root directory of the project team but got moved into the general files folder. Once that happened sharepoint and the sync folders all updated but the folder disappeared in teams.  We have deleted it and reuploaded the files several times, different ways, and by different people. Each time it shows it uploaded but the minute we switch to a different folder in the directory it goes away. How do I keep this folder from disappearing in teams? Is it a time thing?

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What happens if you create a folder itself in Teams and then upload into that folder?




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@Christopher Hoard It disappeared. We all had to sign out of teams and sign back in for it to show up. We are not sure why we had to do that. So it looks resolved but not explained.