Teams flashes green when sharing on azure virtual desktop

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We have several users using azure virtual desktop on windows 10 and every time they share their screen, after about 10 minutes teams starts flashing green! 

Has anyone ever seen this type of behavior in teams and have a solution?

Thank you in advance. 

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did you configure the AVD media optimization for teams in the sessions host ?

yes, we have it configured, and we have disabled GPU hardware acceleration in settings. These are the only 2 things we have done so far to resolve the issue.

@CSHSYSADMIN what about the RDP properties of the host pool? 







I am new to azure virtual desktop can you please direct me to where the rdp properties are located because I cant find the settings you mention?
nvm i found them and both of those settings are not configured
I will enable both settings and see if it resolved my issue. Thanks.

@CSHSYSADMIN i will share with you 2 screenshot to enhance the session behavior and the devie redirection for audio and video. configure them and test your teams meeting again 






awesome. thank you.
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