Teams fails to use selected audio devices until they've been swapped off and on

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I only ever use my Bluetooth headset (USB Link) for my computer. The headset is the default choice for audio and mic. Nearly every time I load into a meeting, it shows my headset audio/mic as the selected option, but the audio through my headphone is distorted and my mic, shown as not muted, does not put out any audio. If I go into the device settings and swap to my laptops speaker/mic, wait 3 seconds, and then swap back to my headset, THEN the audio is crystal clear and my mic works. 


How do I get Teams to actually recognize my default device so I'm not wasting people's time for a min every time I join a meeting? 

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SSorry, but I just have to say it. 


Join the meeting a minute earlier to reset it. 

@Ed Woodrick Fair :p ... for meetings that are planned. But when hopping into a quick call with a coworker its the fumbling 30 seconds -every time- that just get's frustrating. Other employees have the issue too so at least it's not super embarrassing.