Teams.exe disappearing from folder

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After installing the desktop app for Teams, the app does not execute. The Teams.exe is no longer in the folder which is causing the failure per the log file. Uninstall and reinstall does not fix the issue.


Even copying the exe from a working computer does not work. Upon moving the exe to the proper folder, the exe disappears.


Computer is running Win7 with Intune antivirus. Tried excluding the folder from the antivirus but issue still persists.

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Teams client updates very frequently, do you have anything that might prevent this, an applocker policy for example? 


It can be useful to read the updaters log at %localAppData%\Microsoft\Teams\SquirrelSetup.log , it can help highlight what was happening.

No app blocker policy. Another computer with the same setup (Win version, policies, etc.) is not having any issues with Teams. Turned off as many other apps and services as was safe to do and still the issue persists.


The log file only says the program (update.exe) wanted to run the Teams.exe and could not find it. Not much help.

Could you use Process Monitor to see which process is removing the file? then see if you can find its log.

Hi Nick,


Can you try the Microsoft Teams MSI

@Nick Kokinos were you able to find a solution? we are running into the same issue I think.