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As a staff member in a company with most working from home I want that I can share a screen region with HD as resolution recommendation so that I can easily share and see shared screens despite colleagues having many different display numbers, display sizes and ratios (ultra wide hd, 4k, hd, ...).

Justification and design details:
- Everyone nowadays has at least HD, HD used to be standard for a long time and in some environments still is. That makes it a good size for a default recommendation that companies may define as their best practice.
- Depending on number and size of displays One may want to see a shared screen in Fullscreen (while having notes etc on a different display) or only as a region (e.g. when working on One ultra wide screen.
- When sharing the screen, one wants two additional features:
1. Being able to clearly see the shared region and having it as some kind of Microsoft Windows frame that makes it easily dockable (e g. when you have ultra wide screen)
2. Being able to magnify the shared screen region on your own display (e.g. if your resolution is 4k you may want to see your HD shared region as Fullscreen).

Thanks for your consideration!

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... additional remark: Since in it's entirety it requires operating system adjustments I believe that Microsoft is in the perfect position to use this as a unique selling point for teams that is not so easy to offer for other screen sharing software