Teams enhancement request - Admin centre - Muting users in channels

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Could we have a feature added in the admin centre > teams admin centre> users> whereby we can mute a user in all of their teams rather then having the owners do it (as some are not tech savvy). 



Mr Fennell.

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@paul keijzers Hello, I believe the question is about "channel moderation", isn't it @John_Fennell? Not sure if you're missing the option or just would like the ability to do it from TAC? If it's simply a request then just follow Paul's link.


For the record though, it's possible to control posts either by using Set up and manage channel moderation - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs or by using Microsoft Graph channelModerationSettings resource type - Microsoft Graph beta | Microsoft Docs I can't seem to find a way of using PowerShell.


If it's not about channel moderation, but rather you'd like to prevent all chats (?) you have the Messaging policy Set-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy (SkypeForBusiness) | Microsoft Docs

Just the ability to mute a user via the teams admin centre rather then having to be the owner of a team - as we have users on a edited policy to stop chat, however they can still post in the teams causing harm and we would like to be able to do the mute function as well but from the teams admin centre.

have posted to paul's link anyway thanks!