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Hello all!


We have a resource (room) account for our meeting room which works great for booking the room.

Everybody has the room calendar added in their Outlook app.

We needed see details of the bookings made so I used powershell to enable this, by changing the following mailbox parameters:

  • AddOrganizerToSubject = $true
  • DeleteComments = $false
  • DeleteSubject = $false

Now we want to use the PC in that room for Teams meetings so we assigned a Microsoft 365 Business Standard license to that account and logged the account to the PC.

When we create a Teams meeting we add the room to the required attendees and it all works fine.


The only problem is that everybody in our office can join a meeting by clicking the meeting entry in the resource shared calendar and pressing the Join Online link.

I tried disabling the Allow forwarding option but this didn't solved the problem.


So, how can we allow only the invited users to join the meeting? 


Thank you!

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That's something you need to configure in the meeting options, you cannot control it on the room level.
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Depending on how you feel about meeting policies, you could create a meeting policy that has "Automatically admit people" to be "Invited users only", and apply to everybody in the organization. This would mean the default behavior for the meetings scheduled would be that those invited would be able to join, everybody else would be put into the lobby pending approval.
Thank you all for your answers!
I changed the policy to "Invited users only", it is an acceptable solution to our problem.