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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Teams Email not receiving mail

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When a user creates a Teams account they also create an email, but when anyone emails that account it doesn't go through or the email is not active. Either way when some emails that email account no body receives anything. How can it get Exchange to see Teams email?

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Hi @Elizabeth_Garcia - try this: open up the SharePoint Site that is associated with your Team (click on the Files tab that's to the right of Posts and then click on Open in SharePoint). You should see Conversations in the left navigation. That link takes you to the inbox for the Team. Once there, you may want to grab the URL and pin it as a web site in Teams.


Hope that helps!

@Kelly_Edinger   Thanks Kelly.  Our team isnt using sharepoint and wondered if you had other items i could try.   I am trying to send an email that is triggered from to a teams team.    I take teh email from the Teams team, and put that in my trigger notification from   No email is ever received by that email.   I have a second email i send the same alert to (just to check it is working) and the second alert works just fine  (to an email domain).    Is Teams blocking emails from


I have gone into the teams admin console and added the domain that the email is coming from to explicitly make sure it isnt blocked.   Why would teams otherwise block the email?   Note that i can manually send an email from outlook into a Teams team email address without issue.   

Hi @toms66 - are you using the group email (TEAMNAME@YOURCO.COM) or a Channel email address? If you're trying the former, maybe try the latter. Designate a Channel in your Team to receive the Salesforce notifications and grab the email for that Channel. Send an email to a channel in Teams - Office Support (


If you're trying the group email and want to stick to that route, you may want to check the Exchange settings to ensure it's set to allow external emails.