Teams email address is not receiving some messages

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I'm sending some notifications to a Microsoft Teams channel e-mail address, and some other receivers. Unfortunately the messages are not posted by Teams in the channel.


Please note that the messages *are* sent, and everybody else is receiving them, so there's no issue at the sender side.


I've sent messages from my Gmail to the Teams email address and they were correctly posted. So maybe the "problematic" messages are marked as Spam and refused by Teams?


Is there any way to whitelist them?


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The "email to channel" functionality in Teams is sort of a black box, as all those messages get routed to a Microsoft managed tenant, where predefined policies apply, with zero control for us. You cannot whitelist, you cannot create rules, you cannot even see mail flow details. My advise is to avoid using this functionality for any critical messages. Use the Group's inbox instead, or a DG, or a shared mailbox...
Thank you for your reply. Is this the same with the paid version of Teams?

@RazvaRo Hello, I would like to add these links to the conversation.


The following are a few reasons why sending an email to a channel can fail

"Troubleshoot email failures"


Allow users to send emails to a channel email address

"Check to make sure that the domain for the sender's email address isn't blocked in Teams Admin Center"


"Next, you need to make sure you have the necessary rules in place to ensure the email to the Teams channel email address isn't blocked." I.e. you can configure a custom anti-spam inbound policy.