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we create Teams using Dynamic group membership. According to this article, owners will then not be able to add or remove members. Not even SharePoint/teams admin using Teams GUI:

The problem we are experiencing is that in General channel, users are seeing notifications that Owner1 have removed/added XXX users. Owner1 has also confirmed they have not done it and when asked if they can do it manually, they get error message that its not possible. Is this a known issue or anyway to avoid it?


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Hi @Off2w0rk 


Since this is a Dynamic Group. If a User Joins or Leaves the Group the notification would be added in the General Channel By Default. 


In addition to your concern that it is showing the Name of Owner1. The First Owner who is there in the Microsoft Teams it will always display the name of the First Owner while showing the notification of the members added or deleted in the Microsoft Group.


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your statement is not true. If it is correct, please provide Microsoft documentation that states so.

We have alot of teams (6000 and up) and they are all using Dynamic groups. We have done random test and different Teams have different outcome.


1. Some team only says userX has left/joined the team. If we check audit log, it is tagged with user that have removed added the user. This Team also has around 3-5 owners and they where added during Team creation

2. Some Team says Owner1 has removed userx

3. Some Team says Owner2 has removed userX (Owner2 was last owner added to the Team)


Not beeing able to disable this notification is another case, but main case and issue is that by default Team should mention which owner removed who, since its Dynamic group and neither owners or admin are able to remove/add users manually. This also cause alot of confusion and for sure not correct!

This highlights a possible Audit/Compliance issue if the account in question did not make the change and yet the audit trails shows that it did then the Audit log is compromised from the perspective of it being a true and accurate reflection of what actually happened.