Teams dropes connection with Bose Soundlink Mini II

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Hi All

On my laptop (Windows 10), I noticed when I use MS Teams and my Bose Soundlink Mini II (Bluetooth) for a meeting, Teams drops communication with Bose Soundlink Mini II, and change to the internal speaker/mic. It happens between 20-40 min after the meeting started. When it happens, I go to team device settings and change to Bose device speaker and mic. The teams connects to the Bose device again but the connection lasts for a few minutes and comes back to the internal laptop speaker/mic.

I could think it is a problem with the Bose device; however, on my laptop, I can play youtube videos and listen thought the Bose device. 


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Teams itself doesn't manage Bluetooth connection - Windows does it. I would try to reset Bose speaker (to zero out everything in it) and also to reconnect it to the laptop.
It can be an issue with handsfree part of the connection since it is a different one from the audio /music only.
Bluetooth issues are tough. I have one speaker at home with handsfree capability but I avoid using it to anything else but music. I try to use headset / other mic for the calls, since they are designed for that primarily.

@Vesa Nopanen 

Thank you for your answer. 
I think the issue is on the Bose device. Last week, I was using the Bose device with my phone, and also it dropped the call.

I will reset everything on the bose and see if it fixes the issue.


@marome I'd the exact same issue, and it's a pb with BOSE products not Microsoft or others.

However, there is an undocumented feature:

Solved: Sound Link Mini Turns Off by itself - Bose Community - 48802


Short answer: Push both VOLUME UP + BLUETOOTH button for 5-10 seconds until a voice said that the auto-disable feature is disabled.

It's not 2 sec, really 5 secs.

@maromeI have the same probl;em and I don't know, 2 or 3 years later, whether you solved your problem or not. Anyway, to my opinion, it doesn't come from Bose but from Teams. I do not have this problem on Zoom! Never. But, I don't know what to do as my computer sound is lousy and this the reason why I need my Bose. :)