Teams doesn't accept my phone number

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Microsoft Teams doesn't accept my phone number which is Moroccan number starts with (+212 7XXXXXXXX) as it's popular in Morocco we have numbers start with (+212 6XXXXXXXX) but a premium company "Orange" the problem is that I cannot make account on Teams because of declining my number, the number that I have now is my main and professional one.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @hamzaelmaghari

This looks like a free Teams account based on your login screenshot

My recommendation would be

1.) See if it works by dropping the 0 as in +212-7725xxxx. This is a supported number for mobile networks as confirmed here: Telephone numbers in Morocco - Wikipedia
2.) If it doesn't work, set your number as a traditional number for now so you can access Teams
3.) If it is a free Teams account raise a feature request here:

I will also raise it directly with product and engineering teams

Because the number by the premium provider, Microsoft may not actually support it, or it may not be recognised as valid for that country - in other words normalisation rules would say that, for example, only +212-6xxxxx numbers are allowed. Your configuration may not actually be supported and may not be until Microsoft investigate and potentially add it. There is a chance they may not. So that is why, for now, I would recommend falling back to a standard Moroccan number should you have one, even if it is a landline.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

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Dear sir,
Thank you so much for commenting on my post, I think I fixed the issue.
I installed teams on my phone Android 11 then I registered with 07, once I finished I went to computer and signed in easily.
Thanks again.
Thanks for letting us know. Glad it worked out

Best, Chris