Teams: Does not support keypad entry


Used to be able to engage Helpdesk via Skype directly via the Helpdesk IT alias.  Can't do that any longer :(  So, dialed into Helpdesk to solve a problem.  But when I tried to change options (select 2 for Outlook) the keypad entry does generate the tone the system understands.

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Teams does send DTMF tones, so if you are making a pstn call to phone system that wants you to ress #2 for helpdesk it should work.

Make sure you click the keypad icon on the call window and don't push the 2 on the call tab (made that mistake once). But as Steven says it does work, at least it should :)

Is there a way to send DTMF tones in meetings - ie - if you are calling an external participant to join in the meeting and you need to dial an extension, it does not work by using the dial pad. Any insight?

Tried again this morning just to make sure this isn't user error. It was. Realized two things
1. No tone is actually audible (enhancement request?)

2. The DTMF is being sent.  The messages on our Help Desk call-tree are nearly identical, which is why I didn't realize I was actually navigating the menu.

Thanks for the help everyone!


@Paul Schmitt I love the keyboard sound I use it to make a piano song it is so satisfying