Teams does not manage properly External Monitor on iPad

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I've an iPad Air 5 that supports display to external HDMI monitor through usb-c port. 

When i configure the external monitor as extendend display (not mirrored), Teams seems unable to manage properly that configuration. More in detail i've observed the following issues:


1. When Teams is already open, switching to the external monitor has the effect that it's not possible to join meetings (tapping/clicking on Join meeting has no effect)

2. closing the application and re-opeing it (with external monitor connected) sometimes let to join the meeting, but the app becomes unusable because the meeting window is shown in the external monitor as very small window (and no other apps can apparently co-exist with it), while the "main" Teams application is on iPad dispaly. When  the main Teams application is moved to external monitor, the "meeting" window disappears

This is annoying, each time i've to join a meeting i've to detach the cable connection to external monitor if i want to run the meeting properly...


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This explains everything that I have been experiencing recently. Wow. I wish I would have seen this sooner! BTW - this is also a challenge when mirroring the display (my situation). As soon as I unhook the external monitor it works perfectly fine.

@Microsoft -- please fix this ASAP!