Teams Displays Too Many Irritating Popup Messages


Everyone likes a bit of help from time to time, but the number and persistence of irritating Teams pop-ups has become a real pain in the rear end. Worst of all, there’s no way for administrators or end users to suppress Teams pop-ups, which keep on coming in an effort to bore end users to death. On a positive note, the new Teams client includes settings to allow users to choose the classic theme and revert to having channel posts display at the bottom of the screen instead of the top.

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Hello Tony,

Welcome to the Microsoft community, My name is Yakubu Suleman I'll be happy to help you today;

I understand you are currently having issues with Teams display too many irritating pop-up messages.

Please note that Microsoft is working on improving the UI to make it clearer for customers but currently there is no ETA as to when this will be implemented. I sincerely apologized for the inconvenience this is causing you at the moment.

For product feedback, kindly use this link to drop your feedback about this product:

Also, providing you with the Microsoft Office 365 Roadmap Link so that you keep yourselves equipped with the newer features and functionalities -

Thank you for choosing Microsoft.

I know that Microsoft likes to respond to messages posted in this community, but before you do, perhaps you'd check who posted the original message and form some idea of their possible competence. In this instance,. you might have seen that I am an MVP with a relatively good connection with the Teams development group. Checking internally, you might have found that I have complained about the same issues to the development group.. So this issue is well known and advertised within Microsoft. Now if you can tell me when the solution to the problem will appear, we can have a productive chat. But until that...

The lesson is not to respond with a boilerplate answer.